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The Suckler Cow Scheme online processing is supported by the AgriData system. This version is available for immediate download.

The current version of our program some of the Scheme rules inbuilt but farmers are strongly advised to fully understand the rules of the suckler cow scheme before submitting data to the ICBF.

The rules relating to the scheme are given in a document here. Scheme Rules.

Calving Event Records

1.System transmits calving records including pedigree information to ICBF in Bandon as per scheme requirements.

IMPORTANT! Please note that farmers have to send calf registrations to EREG as normal to get a passport for the calf, but ALSO have to send a data file to ICBF to notify the event to them. (Works just like the EREG system)

Service / Ai Event Records

1. System transmits the Insemination Records as per scheme requirements at the same time as the calving event is notified to ICBF.

Disbudding Event Records

1. System transmits Disbudding records as per scheme requirements as part of the Suckler Cow Scheme file transmitted to ICBF.

Castration Event Records

1. System transmits Castration records per scheme requirements as above.

Meal Introduction Event Records

1. System transmits Meal Feeding records per scheme requirements as above

Weaning Event Records

1. System transmits weaning records per scheme requirements as above

Event 1 Calf Registrations
The requirements for the recording of calf birth registrations include the recording of the Sire of the calf and the calving survey for the calving (as per the current Animal Events process.)

Event 2 Disbudding Events
The disbudding (de-horning) event date must be recorded on each calf. The rules of the scheme indicate that this date must be within 21 days of birth. However, the event does not have to be notified until the notification of Event 4 (Introduction of meal feeding, see below).

By law, if a farmer disbuds a calf after 14 days of age, he must use a Vet
If the buds aren’t up, then they obviously can’t be disbudded. Allowance will be made for a certain number of calves to be disbudded after 21 days of age. The event is not recorded for polled animals.

Event 3 Castration Events
Castration  must be carried out at least 4 weeks before weaning, or at least two weeks after weaning. It is illegal to castrate an animal over 6 months of age.
If a male is being sold ‘whole’, the recording of the castration event is not required.

Event 4 Meal Introduction Events
The date meal is introduced to a calf must be recorded and submitted within 7 days of the event.
Meal must be introduced at least 4 weeks before weaning, and continued for two weeks after weaning.

Event 5 Weaning Events
The weaning event is the also required as part of the sucker scheme, and the weaning event contains a number of elements
Weaning event (must have been fed meal for 4 weeks)
Docility & Quality scores are recorded and submitted as part of this event.

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