who we are

In the Heart of Ireland

Based in the very heart of the Golden Vale, near the Galtee Moutains, Tipperary, AgriData Ltd is a company that is deeply rooted in Ireland and particularly in Irish Agriculture.

From bespoke software systems to Inspection Services, Web Design, Video Productions, Drone Photography and Surveys, to Administration Services, AgriData Ltd offers a broad range of services, both locally, nationally and beyond.

Our mission, put simply, is to exceed expectations. We care about what we do, who we are and how we deliver our services and systems to all our customers.


our history

  • David Mullins introduced the worlds first Windows based Farm Management System at the World Ploughing Championships in Laois

  • AgriData Ltd was formed as a Limited Company to help promote and build on the introduction of the Farm Software system

  • AgriData Ltd installed systems in every Port and Cattle Lairage throughout Ireland as part of a government contract.

  • By 2002, AgriData Ltd Farm Software system was now the third largest in Ireland. First of the new offices were restored and built to house more staff and back office systems.

  • AgriData Ltd started providing administration services to Bord Bia for the BQAS Beef Quality Assurance Scheme.

  • AgriData Ltd started providing Inspection Services to Bord Bia for the BLQAS Beef and Lamb Quality Assurance Scheme, now SBLAS since March 2017 (Sustainable Beef and Lamb Assurance Scheme) in addition to continuing to provide Adminstration Services to Bord Bia

  • AgriData Ltd achieves ISO 17020 Accreditation as an Inspection Body, while continuing to grow our services to Bord Bia and Agriculture.

  • AgriData Ltd extends scope of ISO Accreditation to include Dairy Inspections, adding web services and Drone Video production to our growing list of services.


Always Room for Good People

We are always on the look out for talented, driven people to help us grow our business. Send us your CV, outlining your interest in our company, any relevant experience you may have, plus your qualifications and achievements to date. While we may not have a position for you right now, we do refer to any CV's received in the past, should the need arise.

A brief outline of the types qualifications and skill sets we look for is listed below;

Your Job Expectations should be in line with what is on offer. There is no point applying for an inspectors role if you have not got the time or the skill set to do that job.

Send Your CV

Please send your up to date CV, along with a brief email outlining the area of work that interests you, to cv@agridata.ie in ELECTRONIC format ONLY! MS Word or PDF are our accepted formats.

As our company completely relies on excellent IT skills and infrastructure for day to day conduct of business, paper based CV's may hinder your application.

Bord Bia Farm Inspector Positions

We are actively recruiting for Bord Bia farm inspector positions, due to high demand from an influx of new applicants to the Sustainable Assurance Schemes.

Please visit our Careers page for more info

Become a Farm Inspector

best professionals

Norrie Mullins

Norrie Mullins


Norrie has been both company secretary and a director of AgriData Ltd since its very foundation. She worked for one of Irelands leading banks until taking up a full time role in AgriData in 2005. Since that time, Norrie has been instrumental in guiding the direction of AgriData Ltd towards an ever expanding future.

Edel Hughes

Edel Hughes

Edel spent many years working in the UK, before returning home to Ireland in 2002. An exceptional eye for detail means very little slips through unnoticed. Edel is responsible for day to day Admin and Customer Care and relations.

Ed Horan

Ed Horan

Ed was with Agridata for a number of years in the late 90's and early 2000's, before leaving for a while to travel the world. Ed gained huge experience while working in Apple as a Team Leader with responsibility for the induction and training of new hires to Apples' Cork Call Centre.


  • Computer Systems and Tech

    At AgriData Ltd, we employ only the best equipment and the most up to date systems to get the job done.

  • Expectation Exceeded

    At AgriData Ltd, we take our work very seriously, many times exceeding our clients expectations and helping those clients to better accomplish their own goals..

our standards

Our standards are simply this: Never be satisfied with "It will Do", but constantly strive to be the best at what we do and to push the boundaries of what is possible.

our principles

“...At the very heart of our Company is our staff, without whom we would not exist and whose dedication, attention to detail, ability to innovate, to think clearly, logically and to act professionally at all times, has led us to this point. We appreciate the contributions of all our staff, partners and our customers for allowing our company grow and exceed our own expectations so profoundly ...”

David Mullins